Friday, 19 July 2019

The Light

There are days............And there are days.

Know thyself and you will know others.

Know others as others would know you.

Deny thyself/Destroy Thyself.

Sign on the line.


The road is long.

She's crying.


Breaking heart bleeding there. 


120 km's an hour.

Screaming out the window.

You stay bastard.

How dare you do this now?

(Tu me déteste....)

I drive. Words.





Love, Hate, Relate.

Reason is power.

Gnothi Seauton.

(silence is golden)

And neccessary...

The love of one another gets camouflauged in grey and black.

My shadow ... now unavailable.

This page, these letters, help me remember...

The time I helped myself and another by standing up...

For love. life.

My heart is broken... and was broken before it was broken. I Loved Wholly.

Now I will go alone with my shadow and say to him:

'Follow me, don't be afraid of the light.'

Thursday, 23 May 2019

non thinker (in haiku series)

there are many ways  
to change the world today
i'm a non thinker

Monday, 13 May 2019


it isn't as scary as it sounds
not for me anyway
i go about being
my normal self
and relish

my ticker ticks away
and will stop some day
maybe soon
maybe never
maybe late

a bird
a bud
a leaf
a mossy stump
the marsh

the little things are
more important than 
anything else
everything is secondary
everything matter, doesn't matter 

the moments
each of them
throughout time
for eternity

don't confront yourself
like you confront your demons
put down your weapons
and hold out your hands
you will find the way